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ArtyA Woodbike

(Price on demand)


The very first motorcycle fashioned with the state of the art of Métiers d’Art of Haute Horlogerie in wood marquetry!

May he or she who never dreamed of a threesome throw us the first leather saddle.


This hedonistic fantasy secretly caressed by many with the fingertips hides however, very often, a desire buried far deeper.

That of riding the unknown in search of unprecedented luxurious pleasure.

It is this irresistible temptation for intellectual libertinism which drove ArtyA to have the material intercourse.

But as any intimate encounter, the choice of the playmate is crucial.


In order to succeed on the first blow, ArtyA has surrounded itself with an elitist escort composed of two wish grantors of modern times: Triumph Genève and Sparte Motorcycle.


From this unique union of trades and exchange of knowledge and know-hows is born the sul-furious ArtyA Bike 3, a delicious motorcycle which opens the way, hitherto prohibited, to new horizons thanks to the Métiers d’Art.

To win without risk is to Triumph without glory.

Anyone who has ever heard about Yvan Arpa, the man who, on his own money and by the sweat of his brow, has erected the delightful watch brand ArtyA, knows that this singular character is not afraid of bleeding himself, in the literal sense of the word, in order to satisfy his designs with prestige.


It was only a matter of time before the atypical work of Art by Yvan Arpa met the one of the legendary brand by and for bikers, Triumph.

Two brands many might think to be totally opposed, but like two loving lovers, both are chasing the same mistress: that of the perfect ride.


And what better candidate to embody the project of ArtyA of a motorcycle customized with the Métiers d’Art than the iconic Bonneville Bobber, the most thoroughbred classic custom of all Triumph heirs, which curvy look is as powerful and purified as its spine-tingling sound?

This, is, Sparte Motorcycle!

In order to adorn the Triumph Bonneville with the finest finery, and thus transfigure it into the ArtyA Bike 3, Yvan Arpa invited to his passionate frolics the no less passionate companies Triumph Genève and Sparte Motorcycle.


Born out of the true willingness to combine the forgotten know-hows of the Métiers d’Art with modern techniques, thus offering tailor-made pieces as unique and uncompromising as its customers, Sparte Motorcycle was undeniably the ideal partner for achieving the inordinate project of ArtyA.



Like a glassblower breathing life into an amorphous material, Sparte Motorcycle gives inanimate objects a truly immaculate soul by incorporating materials as noble and alive as luxurious such as wood, leather, and rare metals.


And to meet the most specific needs, Mr. Ludovic Cruzio, founder of Sparte Motorcycle, and Mr. Laurent Chéry combine all their knowledge and creativity to develop as many new processes as necessary to achieve the most unique projects.

The Devil wears ArtyA.


Fruit of this exclusive embrace orchestrated by ArtyA, between the mechanical brutality of the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and the whip of tailor-made know-hows handled by the tamer Sparte Motorcycle, the ArtyA Bike 3 is without a doubt the most bestially luxurious motorcycle ever designed.


World's first motorcycle in wood marquetry fashioned with the watchmaking Métiers d’Art, the ArtyA Bike 3 required hundreds of hours of work, especially to juxtapose, thanks to a bone-based glue, the thin wooden slats of just over one millimeter width that perfectly fit the sinuous contour of the Triumph Bonneville Bobber.


This creature with a steel hand in a luxury glove that Jules Verne, the father of Steampunk, would have himself ardently ridden with both hands firmly holding its "Steve McQueen" handlebar, is adorned with the most beautiful finery there is to date.

 Its mirrors are hand-crafted in Black Walnut marquetry, so are its gear shifter, side covers, air filter cover, short front and rear fenders, and its inlaid tank with the ArtyA logo and the iconic Son of Sound emblem, the latter sublimely mixing Black Walnut and Rio Rosewood woods with ArtyOr inserts (a blend of Gold, Copper and Zinc).

 Its suspension bellows are covered with cow leather and underlined with crocodile leather, while its saddle, grips, and ArtyAtized speedometer are wrapped in crocodile leather.


 Hardcore bikers will especially appreciate the customization of its matte black engine, special engine covers, multifunctional Kellerman turn signals, the front ones being integrated into the fork, and the roaring sound of its Vance & Hines exhaust.

All of these neat mechanical and aesthetic details and luxurious touches bring the ArtyA Bike 3 to a level of sophistication, elegance, and ferocity never seen before.


As Leonidas on his ArtyA Bike 3 would have said to his troops during the Persian invasion, whose outcome would have been quite different then:


“Ready your breakfast and eat hearty. For tonight, we are luxuriously riding in hell!”

(Price on demand)

ArtyA manufactured motorcycle

The idea was to base all the communication process around the creation and let aside advertising and ambassadors to the rich and famous.

Yvan Arpa’s and ArtyA’s watches have always been about creativity and innovation. Eager to expand and apply his working techniques and concepts to a brand new world, Yvan has chosen another object he cherishes: the motorcycle.

And this not the first time Yvan gives it a shot. He has already designed a bike, that Zapata would have love to ride, hadn’t he ridden a horse or completely rusted and pink gold motorcycle. Conceived by Laurent “ZEN” Dutruel and imagined in the crazy brain of Yvan Arpa; the partnership with James Risse from Black Way, gave birth to a bike whose details will make your jaw drop.

Sculpted, carved and engraved, this monster draws its inspiration from the concepts and looks that have made ArtyA’s notoriety: the “Coup de foudre” collection.  It also incorporates elements of the bestselling 'Son of a Gun' Collection - marrying high-end horology and firearms.

This silver colored UFO, that took more than 1’000 hours to sculpt and customize, will no doubt hit the Geneva road.

Everything is in the details and the longer you look, the more you will find: a tank cap made of a high end Swiss made automatic watch at the effigy of Gene Simmons, Rock icon from the band Kiss.

Obviously this handmade motorcycle has cost Yvan an arm and a leg so Mister Arpa solemnly pledged that he will use his martial arts Black Belt on whoever tried to take the cap.

Another amazing detail can be found in the interior of the handle: screw off the side of the handle and you will find a bullet-shaped pen (.50 BMG Caliber) that can be used to sign smoking hot contracts. Heavy artillery is also incrusted at the back, in the shape of a XXL shaped bullet belt (for those who do not respect the smoking contracts…).

Last but not least, some of the visible screws and bolts are decorated with in-house jewelry made for black collars, giving a very detailed gothic look to this post-apocalyptic machine.

ArtyA Electric Bike

ArtyA Croco Bike

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